Maestro Training 

I have been participating for several months now in Maestro Training’s kettlebell and boot camp classes taught by Maestro’s CEO and co-founder, Errol Ismail. These classes have not only been a great value cost wise, but have exceeded my expectations in all respects. I did not have a clue about exercise, especially with weights, apart from lacing up sneakers and hitting the treadmill, not the best form of exercise for my creaking and aging knees. I now am comfortable with much more appropriate and beneficial exercise. And Errol has been terrific with an encouraging, gentle and patient approach to training, helped further by his great sense of humor. From what I observe in the classes and from what I hear around the office, the Maestro classes have also been a good morale booster among office staff and attorneys at all levels given the healthy mix of secretaries, paralegals, attorneys and other Firm personnel at all levels who participate in the Maestro classes. We have fun together while engaging in physical activity that is good for one’s body and head, especially in a profession that is big on sitting for long hours. I would highly recommend Maestro and Errol for any law firm or other employer considering offering similar in-house exercise classes.
— Harold Gordon, Partner @ Jones Day
Maestro training was the highlight of wellness month for us last year. They brought trainers and a great workout right to our office. Who doesn’t love convenience?! The class was formatted for all fitness levels, with modifications available for each circuit, which was great for our group. Everyone felt challenged, but not intimidated throughout the workout. Overall, great feedback was received and we will definitely be reaching out again for another session. Thanks guys
— Angela Felice, GIC New York
Getting away from our desks at work is always a struggle and Maestro Training had the perfect solution....Experienced trainers brought a custom workout right to our office! It was a fun and convenient way to get the exercise we all wish we had time in the workday to do. Everyone loved the class and look forward to plan these workout classes for our clients!
— Christina Valentino, Advertising Sales @ Univision Communications Inc.
I’ve used Maestro for corporate and organizational events and the feedback has been fantastic. One recent participant described the event as the event all our organization’s future events would have to live up to!
— Melissa Osipoff, Associate @ Fisher Phillips
Maestro is a lifesaver. With a job involving sitting at the desk all day, I was slowly turning into a low-energy unmotivated slob. After regularly attending Maestro’s kettlebell and boot camp classes for just over four months, I feel great and see muscles that were well hidden for quite a few years. Errol is a terrific teacher whose skill set goes well beyond just training. Errol builds his classes around the student, varying the intensity and approach depending the student’s strengths and abilities. If a particular exercise is not right, Errol offers multiple alternatives to achieve the best result. Getting in shape with Maestro has been a great experience and I look forward to a healthier and stronger me.
— Dennis Rimkunas, Partner @ Jones Day

Errol Ismail

Errol is the best! I’ve worked out all of my life, practicing martial arts since I was 5 but in the past few years had stopped exercising. I am 43 and was in the worst shape of my life when I started working with Errol. He has gotten me back to feeling toned and healthy. His professionalism and warm demeanor make me look forward to our workouts. I’m in this for the long run with him. It’s one of the best parts of my life, that keeps me happy and healthy.
— Noemi Espinoza
Errol is a top-notch trainer. He makes each individualized workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun! Errol is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm that he brings to every session. He is genuinely committed to helping his clients achieve their goals. His easy-going, warm personality creates a relaxed, comfortable environment without any intimidation or judgment, even for people who are not “gym rats.” Errol is motivating, fun and gets great results in the process. Errol is the perfect partner to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.
— Melissa Osipoff
I have worked with Errol for just over a year and look forward to every session with him. Having never worked with a personal trainer before I was a bit intimidated, however Errol has made me feel comfortable in the gym while motivating me to push myself to the limit and leave nothing on the floor. Each workout is customized with a specific goal in mind and we always talk about different ways we can target the same areas through different exercises. I leave each workout feeling more confident and energetic. Errol is fully invested in helping me reach my fitness goals and has become a very important part of my ‘team!’
— John Ulicny


Dale has been my personal trainer since 2009. When I first joined the gym, I had specific fitness and weight loss goals but also had a need to overcome fear of the gym. Over six years later, I am working towards my first running race and the gym is my second home. Dale has kept me on a fitness path and adjusts workouts to my needs. He is also mindful of nutrition and adaptable on varying goals over the years. He always keeps workouts fresh and new while adjusting to your specific needs and abilities. I have always been very impressed by Dale’s passion to help clients, his knowledge and his ability to connect with people. I believe he has many clients who have been with him for over five years and I will be working out with him for many years to come.
— Yasna Uberoi
I have been training with Dale Gordon for four years now. Since training with Dale, I am stronger, more flexible and I have better balance. Dale is skilled and has a great ability to keep each session individualized, challenging and fun. After four years, Dale still changes each session and brings new innovated exercises to our workouts. He has a way of knowing when to encourage and when to push me me beyond what I think I am capable of, but never going too far. My husband has also been training with Dale for three years now! I highly recommend Dale as a knowledgable fun loving trainer.
— Stephanie Crichton
I began my current exercise regimen four and half years ago after a hiatus of 10 years. I made the commitment and have stuck with my six days a week program ever since. I’m self motivated and a bit obsessive compulsive. I like to work hard consistently. When I started I knew I would need to maintain good technique to avoid injury, so a trainer was in order. I wanted someone who was a competitor; a trainer who would understand balance in a total body workout. Dale interviewed me, watched me workout and devised a plan to build strength, stamina and balance. I have several homework routines for the days I exercise alone. My routines with Dale are challenging and he pushes me to my potential. The whole package is comprehensive and builds on my successes with routines that make change permanent. I feel on top of my game and ready for the next challenge. Exercise can be addictive when you’re high on endorphins and especially when you see and feel results. My day is not the same without Dale’s workouts or training. Dale will push you to your potential and support you in your efforts physically and mentally. If you are as motivated as me, it’s a breeze, but if not put yourself in Dale’s hands and he’ll support your effort to reach your goals as a good teacher will.
— Ken Blanchette