personal training

  • For those who want the highest quality individual training but also want access to a community of individuals like them, Maestro has you covered.  
    • Maestro organizes bike rides, runs, competitive teams, bootcamps and more so you can put your training to good use and meet others like you at the same time.
    • Whether in-person or through social media, Maestro allows you to share your goals, be cheered on and cheer others on.  That’s what the Maestro Training community is all about.
  • Maestro Training’s Personal Training allows you to go beyond the group setting and get the highest caliber of individualized instruction right in your own home, building gym or nearby park.
  • As your one stop shop for all your training needs Maestro provides a coordinated approach where all your instructors are working together to achieve your goals.

For pricing and scheduling information, please contact us.