We all need to exercise to stay healthy and deal with the stresses of everyday life, but too often these same stresses make exercise impractical. To this end, Maestro strives to accomplish four goals:


bring training to you

Your home, your work, your life. The easier it is to get to exercise, the more likely you’ll do it.  Our group classes take place at your office or nearby park.  Our personal trainers come to your home, in-building gym or nearby park.



We have enough chores in life; exercise should not be one of them. Exercise needs to be fun — it needs to be an escape from stress! Our trainers make fitness exciting and make you look forward to your next workout by designing your program around what you love to do.



You and your trainer work to get you into the best shape possible for your favorite hobby — now it’s time to get out there and do it. Maestro Training organizes bike rides, runs, competitive teams, boot camps and more, so you can put your training to good use, alongside others who share your passion.



Maestro provides access to and encourages you to get involved in a community of people like you — people who will celebrate your achievements and cheer you on.  The more like-minded people you share your goals with, the more support you will find and the more accountable you will feel.  You will not be going it alone — you will be part of a team of people like you striving to achieve the same results.


Through these four goals, Maestro Training will make exercise part of your life, rather than just something you do — creating permanent, positive changes in your physical and mental state. Maestro Training provides the tools for you to compose yourself!