Maestro Training aims to provide a safe, one of a kind class that caters to your current abilities, goals and fitness interests.  To that end, it is imperative that you not only register for the class, but also fill out the pre-class questionnaire.  As for the difficulty of the class, relax — our expert instructors are ready to progress or regress every move in order to ensure that you get a safe but challenging workout.  


CLICK HERE to fill out your pre-class customizer.

The customizer allows Maestro to customize the class to those in attendance (takes about 3 minutes).


 CLICK HERE to schedule your class.

If you cannot see the weekly schedule upon clicking the link, you may be required to search "Maestro Training" on the Mindbody site. Afterwards, click on the "Classes" tab followed by the "Week" button next to the date.


Show up at your class with the following: water, a towel, an exercise mat if you'd like to have one and a desire to improve yourself. We'll take care of the rest!